Software Delivery by fashion delivery company #4

Published on 2017-09-22 by Gábor Szabó
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eBay's Font Loading Strategy

Event little things, such as fonts might have an impact on the load time and especially the perceived load time of a page.

How We Deploy Software (at dia)

Reading about the process of other companies is always inspirational and allows us to learn something that is rather difficult to learn on your own.



The Historical Habit: When and How to Use your Historical Data

When you're on-the-go, you need real-time data being delivered right to your inbox or app, but when you're sitting down to get some quick historical context behind that in-the-moment prompt, the Historical Dashboard delivers everything you need at a glance.


Ladies first: Asana is one of the Best Workplaces for Women

Why is Asana such a good place for women and how can women help each other?


Devopsgirls 2.0

If you are interested in having a larger pool of available DevOps engineers and also interested in improving the diversity among the practitioners, try to imitate the Devopsgirls initiative from this Real Estate company.


Meet 🐙 Octopus – Internal Wiki with Software Diagrams

Octopus is an Open Source knowledge base that uses Markdown and allows for software diagrams.

The 3 Best Cloud IDEs for Backend Developers

Do you want to make it easy for people to try your language/framework/whatever? Provide them a cloud-based environment to try it together with a cloud-based IDE. The suggestions are: Cloud9, CodeAnywhere, and Codenvy.

Continuous Integration

Getting the Most out of Docker and Workflows, Part 1: Using Docker Effectively on CircleCI

CircleCI is cloud-based Continuous Integration service. This article provides some nice Dockerfile examples to see how to use Docker on CircleCI though I think the lessons can be applied universally.